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Letter To OIADA Members

April 15, 2014

For OIADA Members

Executive Summary: Response to Recent NIADA Communication

A number of OIADA members have recently received a letter, email, fax or other form of communication from NIADA addressing OIADA’s disaffiliation with that organization and offering an option to join NIADA for $60.00. The NIADA communication has created confusion for the membership, leading some to question whether they are required to join NIADA in order to retain OIADA membership status. The OIADA staff wants the membership to understand two particular points:

With those objectives in mind, a complete – albeit lengthy – response has been prepared. The response with all supporting documentation is posted on the OIADA website for those who may be interested.

Following is a brief summary of the issues:

Why was the Magazine Agreement with NIADA cancelled?

Why did OIADA disaffiliate from NIADA?

Thank you,

Odell & Rose Morgan

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Full Text of Reponse