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2nd Session of the 56th Legislature

05/01/2018 - Final Update

The following bills passed the Legislature and were sent to the Governor for approval. The status as of 05/02/2018 is indicated.

HB 3260 (McBride) Crime of Stalking and GPS Devices. (Approved by Governor 05/01/2018.)

SB 1339 (David) Oklahoma Vehicle License and Registration Act. (Sent to Governor.)

Establishes the requirement that a motor vehicle license plate remain with the registered owner upon the sale or disposal of the vehicle, rather than remaining with the vehicle.

Upon the sale or transfer of a vehicle, the seller shall remove and retain the metal license plate.

Upon acquisition of a subsequent vehicle, the owner shall make application for registration to the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

o The Commission must authorize the transfer of the license plate to the new vehicle.

o Additional registration fees may be required.

If a person acquires a motor vehicle that does not bear a numbered plate, the owner may operate the vehicle for five days from the date of purchase without a numbered plate, provided a dated, notarized bill of sale is carried in the motor vehicle.

An owner will have 30 days to apply for registration and transfer or purchase of a license plate upon acquisition of a motor vehicle.

Penalties will be assessed for failure to register and pay all taxes and fees within 30 days of acquisition.

A surviving spouse will be required to submit an application for certificate of title. The Commission will then transfer the license plate registration to the surviving spouse.

After an initial 30-day grace period, the owner shall be required to carry in the vehicle the registration certificate or an official copy; a true coy of the rental or lease documentation; registration certificate for a replacement vehicle in the same registration period; temporary receipt; or a temporary receipt from online registration.

If approved by Governor, effective date would be July 1, 2019.

HB 2281 (O’Donnell and Treat) Changing Allowable Punishments for Fraud and Vehicle Theft. (Approved by Governor 04/26/2018.)

Obtaining property valued at $1,000 or more through fraudulent means, including false representation or statement or pretense, or by means of the use of false or bogus checks, shall be a felony crime. Depending upon property value, penalties for conviction range from 1 to 8 years imprisonment, fine up to $5,000, or both.

Presentation of 2 or more bogus checks totaling $2,000 or more shall be a felony crime subject to imprisonment from 2 to 8 years, or by a fine up to $5,000, or both.

Theft of a motor vehicle valued at less than $50,000 shall be a felony crime punishable by imprisonment up to 5 years or by a fine equal to 3 times the value of the vehicle, or both.

A person not entitled to the possession of a vehicle who receives, possesses, conceals, sells, or disposes of it, knowing the vehicle to be stolen or converted under circumstances constituting a crime shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment up to 2 years.

Effective November 1, 2018.

SB 1475 (Pugh and Mike Osburn) Creating the Occupational Licensing Review Act. (Sent to Governor.)

Creates the Occupational Licensing Advisory Commission.

The Commission shall consist of 12 members consisting of the Commissioner or Labor, OMES Chief Information Officer, three State Representatives, and three State Senators.

The Governor shall appoint three members representing an occupation or profession licensed in the state.

The Governor shall appoint one member representing a non-for-profit organization that advocates for low-income persons or disadvantaged persons.

The purpose of the Commission is to conduct a review of each occupational or professional licensing act in this state not less than once every four years and make recommendations to the Legislature.

The Commission will meet before September 30, 2018, to develop a four-year schedule showing when each licensing act will be reviewed.

The Department of Labor shall be the primary agency for the Commission.

If approved, shall become effective July 1, 2018.


1st Session of the 56th Legislature

05/04/2017 - Final Update

The following bills passed the Legislature and were signed into law by Governor Fallin.

SB 0474 (Leewright) Eliminate 30 Day Notice Penalty (Signed 05/01/2017; effective 11/01/2017).

SB 0427 (Quinn; coauthored by Mulready of House) Service Warranties (Signed 04/06/2017).

HB 1842 (Leslie Osborn) Wrecker Fees (Signed 05/01/2017).

The following bills are dormant but may be reintroduced in 2018, the second year of the current legislative session. [Update 05/02/2018 - none of the following bills were passed by the Legislature in 2018.]

SB 0281 (Silk) Title 42 Possessory Liens (DORMANT).

SB 0698 (Sykes) Title 42 Possessory Liens (DORMANT).

HB 1899 (Calvey) Title 42 Possessory Liens (DORMANT)

SB 0439 (Fields; coauthored by Wright of House) (DORMANT).

HB 1322 (Stone) Aftermarket Crash Parts (DORMANT).

HB 1336 (Hoskin) Service Warranty (DORMANT).

HB 1446 (Dustin Roberts) Impound Fees (DORMANT).

HB 1473 (Young) Buyer’s Remorse Provision (DORMANT).

HB 1515 (Cockroft) Biennial Registration (DORMANT).

HB 1876 (Proctor) Servicemember Family Leave (DORMANT).

HB 2281 (O’Donnell) Motor Vehicle Theft Penalties (DORMANT).

SB 0110 (Newberry) Public Auction Fees (DORMANT).

SB 0127 (Smalley) Perfection of Lien Time Period (DORMANT).

SB 0149 (Dugger; coauthored by Babinec of House) Delinquent Child Support (DORMANT).


2nd Session of the 55th Legislature

06/01/2016 - Final Update

HB 2624 and SB 1125 Modifying Ownership Information Required for Motor Vehicle Sales to Scrap Metal Dealers [Rep. Osborn and Sen. Justice]. (HB 2624 SIGNED 04/21/2016)

SB 1317 Weight Exemption for Natural Gas Vehicles [Sen. Jolley and Rep. Watson]. (SIGNED 04/14/2016)

HB 2447 Increasing Time Period for Perfection of Security Interest [Rep. O’Donnel; Sen. Smalley]. (DEAD).

SB 1445 Transfer Used Dealer Licensing Authority to the Motor Vehicle Commission [Sen. Dahm]. (DEAD).

SB 1467 Limiting Dealer Reserve on Motor Vehicle Loans [Sen. Pittman]. (DEAD).


1st Session of the 55th Legislature

07/01/2015 - Final Update

SB 796 Modifies the Title 42 possessory lien process relating to motor vehicles [Sen. Sykes and Rep. Denney].

Laid over until the 2016 session.

OIADA will continue to monitor the bill.

SB 465 Deals with motor vehicle lien releases and certificates of title [Sen. Quinn and Rep. Ownbey]

Signed by the Governor on 05/01/2015 to be effective 11/01/2015.

SB 592 Changes Used Motor Vehicle & Parts Commission licensing requirements, fee structure, and fines [Sen. Anderson, Sen Pittman, and Rep. Grau].

Signed by the Governor on 06/04/2015 to be effective 11/01/2015

HB 1516 – Stalking and the use of GPS devices [Rep. Peterson and Sen. David]  

Laid over for the 2016 session.

HB 1904 Motor Vehicle Certificates of Title and Liens [Rep. Johnson and Sen. Barrington]

Laid over for the 2016 session.

SB 160 County impound fee [Sen. Barrington and Rep. Christian]

Referred to the County and Municipal Government Committee.

SB 339 Notarization of Certificates of Title [Sen. Loveless and Rep. Grau]

Signed into law by the governor on 05/12/2015 to be effective 11/01/2015

SB 451 Deals with sellers of certain off-road vehicles [Sen. Brinkley and Rep. Thomsen]

Signed into law by the governor on 05/01/2015 to be effective 11/01/2015

SB 453 Modifies provisions relating to reporting of stolen or converted vehicles [Sen. Quinn and Rep. Lepak].

The governor vetoed the bill on 05/06/2015 because of concerns that it would cause an improper use of local police forces’ time and energy.

SB 623 Redefines “utility vehicle” and authorizes the operation of certain utility vehicles on streets and highways [Sen. Marlatt and Rep. Biggs]

Referred to the Public Safety Committee on 03/18/2015 with no further action

SB 823 Modifies service contract information and defines unfair or deceptive acts or practices [Senate Insurance Committee and Rep. Randy McDaniel].

Referred to the Rules committee on 03/17/2015 and no further action was taken.


2nd Session of the 54th Legislature

06/03/2014 - Final Update

Senate Bill 582 - An act relating to Title 42 Possessory Liens [Brinkley (S) / Quinn (H)]

Status: Passed the Senate 05/22/2014 and the House 05/23/2014.

Sent to the Governor for signature 05/23/2014.

Signed by the Governor 06/03/2014 to become effective 11/01/2014.

House Bill 1516 - Oklahoma Car Crusher Act [Jackson and Barrington]

Status: Passed the Senate 05/22/2014 and the House 05/22/2014.

Sent to the Governor for signature 05/22/2014.

Signed by the Governor 06/03/2014 to become effective 11/01/2014.

UMV&PC will draft and submit implementing rules to the Governor 45 days prior to effective date.

Senate Bill 1588 - An act abolishing the Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission [Dahm (S) / Murphey (H)]

Status: Dead.

Senate Bill 1923 - An act relating to the Service Warranty Act [Newberry (S) / Echols (H)]

Status: Passed the Senate 05/21/2014 and the House 05/23/2014.

Sent to the Governor for signature 05/22/2014.

Signed by the Governor 06/03/2014 to become  effective 11/01/2014.

House Bill 3368 - Vehicle Condition Disclosure Act [Echols (H)]

Status: Will not be pursued this year, but may be revisited next year.

Provides for dealer disclosure or disclaimer notice to be provided prior to sale of a motor vehicle.

Dealer may deliver a written disclaimer statement to indicate the seller:

o  has never used or operated the vehicle and makes no disclosures concerning the condition of the vehicle,

o Has no actual knowledge of any defect, and

o Has acquired the vehicle on a particular date.

Dealer may deliver a written disclosure statement containing specific information regarding the condition of the vehicle.

For a vehicle sold pursuant to this Act, the seller shall not be liable for a defect or other condition in the vehicle if the existence of the defect or other condition in the vehicle was disclosed in the disclosure statement.

Additionally, the seller shall not be liable for any erroneous, inaccurate or omitted information supplied to the purchaser as a disclosure required by this Act under certain specified conditions.

For a vehicle sold pursuant to this Act, the purchaser may recover in a civil action only under certain conditions specified in the Act.

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