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Federal Trade Commission

CFPB Arbitration Agreement Rule

Dealers and finance companies must be in compliance with the CFPB’s new arbitration agreement rule by March 19, 2018.  

Military Auto Loan Allotments Now Prohibited

Following action by the CFPB, the DoD made a decision to prohibit allotments for military auto loans.

Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive (UDAAP) Debt Collection Practices

Creditors engaging in unfair, deceptive, or abusive debt collection practices may be subject to enforcement action.

Ally Financial Settles Discrimination Charges

Ally Financial will pay $98 million to settle alleged lending discrimination resulting from dealer markup policies.

CFPB Going After Dealer Markups

The CFPB is recommending indirect auto lenders impose controls on dealer markups in order to comply with the ECOA.

“Responsible Business Practices”

The CFPB expects companies to self-police to detect violations of federal consumer protection laws and to voluntarily report identified violations.  

“Responsible Business Practices” Defined

Details of self-policing, self-reporting, remediation, and cooperation actions.  

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Federal Offices

OIADA Home >> Federal Agency News

Buyers Guide Changes Announced by FTC

The FTC has issued the Final Rule regarding changes to the Buyers Guide. Rule changes are effective January 28, 2017. Existing stock of current forms may be used until January 28, 2018 (one year after effective date.)

Proposed Changes to the Used Car Rule (2014)

The FTC is proposed changes to the Buyers Guide to include the requirement for dealers to indicate whether a history report has been pulled on a vehicle.  

FTC Settles Advertising Cases with Nine Dealerships

The FTC announced settlement of complaints against nine dealerships relating to deceptive advertising charges. Action against a tenth dealership is ongoing.  

FTC Settles Case Involving Location-Tracking Software

BHPH / LHPH dealers should take note of the FTC’s settlement with Aaron’s, Inc. Requiring disclosure of product location tracking technology.  

FTC Alleges Text Messages Were Used in Illegal Debt Collection Scheme

The first FTC action against a debt collector who used text messaging to attempt to collect debts in an unlawful manner results in a $1 million penalty.  

FTC Settles Advertising Cases with Two Dealerships

Proposed orders place constraints on the dealerships’ advertising efforts and remain in effect for the next 20 years.

Written Warranties Must Be Available for Online Purchases

FTC is asking internet retailers to ensure that complete product warranties are available for online purchases.  

Inaccuracies in Credit Reports

FTC and CFPB studies of  the credit reporting industry reveal the  extent of inaccuracies in consumer reports.  

Telemarketing Car-Buying Scam

At the FTC’s request, Court orders $5.1 million reimbursement in telemarketing car-buying scam.  

Federal Agencies

OFAC (Search)

Dealers May Need Written Customer Identification Plan

Auto dealers are now being required by third-party lenders to provide proof of a written Customer Identification Plan as a condition of their lending agreement.

Get Serious About Checking OFAC

Auto dealers are receiving pressure from third-party lenders to provide proof of compliance with OFAC requirements. OFAC regulations require dealers to check terrorist/drug trafficking lists before transacting business with any given customer.  More on OFAC compliance.

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