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Advertising Guidelines (pdf)

Air Bag Disclosure (pdf)

Certificates of Title

Assignment Date (pdf)

Odometer Disclosure

Odometer Disc Exemptions

Out-of-State Reassignment (pdf)

Consignment Rules (pdf)

FTC Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide Overview (pdf)

FTC Dealers Guide to the Used Car Rule (pdf only)  

Emission System Disclosure (pdf)

Lending Discrimination

Discrimination Overview (pdf)

Specific Actions to Avoid (pdf)

CFPB and Dealer Markups (pdf)

Compliance Procedures for Dealer Markups (pdf)

License Plates

License Plate Overview (pdf)

30 Day Temporary Tag (pdf)

Risk-Based Pricing Notice Requirement (pdf)

Specially Designated Nationals (OFAC) Requirement

“Listed” Persons (OFAC) Requirement (pdf)

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Vehicle Safety

Open Safety Recalls

Vehicle Safety Standards (pdf)