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New Tag Law    #KeepTagOK

• July 1, 2019 SB 1399 will take effect. SB 1399 amended the Oklahoma Vehicle License and Registration Act to provide for a system where upon change in vehicle ownership the license plate previously issued for said vehicle stays with the owner and not the vehicle.

• July 1 dealers are to remove all license plates from the vehicles in their inventory and surrender those plates to either the Oklahoma Tax Commission or a Motor License Agent.

• Following is a list of questions and answers that have been provided by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Of significant importance to licensed dealers are #2 and #23.

• #2 - Dealers are still required to place a 30 day temporary tag on each vehicle sold. Purchasers are not allowed to affix their unexpired metal plate to their vehicle until they complete the registration process.

• #23 - Dealers will no longer be responsible for expired registration on vehicles they purchase.

• Not covered in the question and answer list is the benefit to be derived by the elimination of the turnpike toll charges to the wrong person. The plate will stay with the customer - if they opt to go through a toll without paying, they will receive the fine.

                                               -Rose Morgan

1. I heard something on the news about license plates staying with their owners. What does that mean to me?

If you sell, trade or transfer your vehicle on or after July 1, 2019, remove the plate from the vehicle as, going forward, the plate belongs to you.

2. I am buying a car from a dealership. Should I put my plate on my new car immediately?

No. A temporary paper tag will be issued for all cars purchased from a dealership. Within 30 days from the vehicle’s assignment\purchase date present the plate to the OTC or local tag agent to title and register the vehicle. Once the registration process is complete, affix the plate to your vehicle.

3. I am buying a car from an individual. When can I put my plate on my newly–purchased car?

After the title and registration process with the OTC or local tag agency is completed, affix your tag to your newly–purchased vehicle.


4. I bought a car from an individual which has no license plate on it. Can I drive it without a plate?

The vehicle may be operated for 5 days without a plate as long as you have the bill of sale or transferred title reflecting that you have purchased the vehicle. After 5 days, you must title and register your vehicle before it may be driven.


5. I bought a car from an individual who did not remove the license plate from the vehicle. The plate has not yet expired. Can I drive the car with the existing plate or should I replace it with my plate?

No, the previous owner’s plate should be surrendered to the OTC or a motor license agent.


6. I bought a car from an individual who did not remove the license plate from the vehicle. What should I do with the seller’s plate?

Remove the plate from the vehicle and return it to the OTC or your local tag agency.


7. I sold my car and I do not plan to purchase another one for several months. What do I do with my license plate?

Keep the plate until you purchase another vehicle.


8. I forgot to remove my license plate when I sold my car. What do I do?

Advise the OTC or tag agent when registering your newly-purchased vehicle and you will be able to obtain a new plate. You will be charged for a new plate.

9. I sold my car and removed my license plate. I plan to buy another vehicle soon. I still have time left on my plate before it expires. Will I lose that time and have to pay for another year?

No, any full registration months remaining on the plate will be prorated and applied to the registration of your new\used vehicle.

10. The registration for my new\used vehicle is less than my previous vehicle. Will I be refunded the difference?

No, you will not be entitled to a refund when the registration fee for your newly–purchased vehicle is less than the registration fee for your previous vehicle.


11. Am I allowed to change the expiration date when registering a new vehicle if I am using registration credit from a prior vehicle?

No. If you are using an existing registration credit on the registration of a new\used vehicle, you may not modify the expiration date during the title and registration process.

12. I have remaining registration on my prior vehicle but I do not have the physical plate. Can I still transfer that remaining registration to my new vehicle?

Yes, if the license plate number and\or ownership can be validated, the registration remaining on the previous vehicle can be claimed. You will be charged for a new plate.

13. My license plate was expired when I sold my car. Will I be required to pay a penalty?

Yes, you will be required to pay a delinquent registration penalty.

14. If I am registering a new\used vehicle with a plate transferred from a vehicle with expired registration and there is a difference in registration rates, do I pay the back year at the old vehicle rate or the new one?

Delinquent registration fees and penalties are based on the classification of the old vehicle with the expired registration, not the classification of the newly–acquired vehicle.

15. Could I be charged multiple registration fees during a title and registration process?

Yes, in addition to the payment of current registration fees, any delinquent fees and corresponding penalties owed will also be due.

16. Are sales and excise taxes affected by the new plate–to–owner system?

No, sales and excise taxes will continue to be charged as they are now.

17. Do I have to keep my registration in my vehicle at all times?

Yes, effective July 1, 2019, all motorists will be required to carry their certificates of registration in their vehicles at all times.

18. I have a personalized plate associated to the primary plate I am transferring; will I have to do a separate transfer to bring this plate to my new vehicle?

Any personalized or specialty license plates associated to your primary plate will automatically be transferred to your new vehicle as long as that secondary registration is not expired more than 13 months.


19. I own multiple vehicles can I move plates around whenever I want?

No, you can only transfer an existing registration when you are purchasing a new vehicle. You can’t transfer a plate to another vehicle outside of a title and registration process.


20. I sold a commercial vehicle with registration remaining can I use that credit even if my new vehicle is non-commercial?

No, the plate credit must match the plate type being issued to the new vehicle.

21. Can my spouse or child use my plate?

Yes, an affidavit can be signed in order to allow a family member to use a plate registered in your name.


22. If I sell my trailer, should I also keep that tag?

Plate to owner only affects vehicles statutorily classified as a vehicle. Use types not included are:

Mobile Chapel

Manufactured Home

Boat/ Outboard Motor

Construction Machinery

Special Mobilized Trailer- Trailer Exempt

Commercial Rental Trailer- Commercial Trailer

Farm Trailer- Forest Trailer- Private Trailer

ATV- Utility Vehicle- Off Road Motorcycle

23. A dealer buys a vehicle titled in Oklahoma with an expired plate, are they required to transfer title into the dealership’s name and purchase a plate?

No, the dealer will not be required to transfer title into their name, it would be optional. They are also not responsible for expired registration on vehicles purchased.

24. I have a plate with remaining registration credit but I do not have or will not be buying another vehicle will I receive a refund?

No, the credit is not refundable.

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